Short-Term Stays

Short-Term Stays

The Village offers temporary vacation stays. Our fully furnished apartments come in a variety of styles and are available all year long for seniors who wish to weather the storm in safety and comfort.

Come relax in one of our newly remodeled guest apartments, while enjoying all the amenities The Village has to offer (including savory meals in our lake view dining room, housekeeping and linen service, chauffeured transportation and plenty of fun things to keep you busy). Rhode Islanders need not bear the burdens of winter alone; let The Village help you take the stress out of winter, and put the beauty back in.

Short-term stays can be for many purposes including:

Trial stays

Respite Stays

Refuge from Home Projects/Repairs

Vacation Stays

Please select the “Get More Information” link below and choose “Trial/Respite/Vacation Stays” for the “Lifestyle Choice” within the enclosed form.