Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

As the Baby Boomer generation matures, many are finding themselves caring for their parents and their children at the same time. Dubbed “The Sandwich Generation,” they are the fastest-growing age group in the US. Their status as dual caregivers, as well as wage-earners, raises issues for their family, their employer and themselves. Catered Retirement Living addresses these issues and provides solutions for many people, yet it is a concept new or unknown to many of us.

Who is “The Sandwich Generation”?

Generally, adults with aging parents and children of their own, roughly 45 to 65 years old.

What happens when the caregiver wears out?

Caregivers who mean well often wear themselves out caring for everyone else. When they become exhausted, everyone suffers. Caregivers can serve their families and friends best when they take care of themselves: seek help, don’t do it all, and find alternatives.

What is Catered Retirement Living?

Catered Retirement Living is a lifestyle similar to staying at a resort or going on vacation. The staff takes care of the details of daily living, allowing residents to pursue their interests.

What is Catered Assisted Living?

Catered Assisted Living adds the services of round-the-clock support staff to help as needed with activities such as dressing, bathing, grooming and medication reminders. Catered Living allows residents to make the most of their strengths to enhance their independence.

How is Assisted Living different from nursing home care?

Assisted Living provides support systems for people who are fundamentally healthy. A nursing home is a skilled nursing facility for people with more complicated medical issues.

Are residents free to come and go as they please?

Residents come and go as they please. There is even scheduled transportation to help in getting around to appointments, shopping, services, social events and excursions. There is also a chauffeured car available for special appointments. The exception at The Village is The Courtyard.

What is The Courtyard?

The Courtyard is the secured Alzheimer’s residence at The Village, the most innovative in the region. Residents’ safety, well being, and quality of life are assured with 24-hour supervision, free access to an enclosed garden, and a full schedule of activities and recreational outings.

What is a Vacation Stay? What is Respite Care?

A Vacation Stay in a beautifully furnished apartment is for people who want to sample The Village lifestyle, usually for week or a month. A Respite Stay is for a day, a week, or whatever is needed for a family that is out of town or simply needs a rest from caregiving for their loved one.

Can the average person afford this lifestyle?

The month-to-month rental includes so much that many people find they actually save on monthly expenses after they move to The Village.

What do you look for in evaluating a retirement community?

Ask for our booklet, “Your Guide to Choosing a Retirement Community.” Phone, write, or e-mail your request and we will send it right out to you. Be sure to compare “apples to apples,” because often the price includes different lifestyles, arrays of services and levels of care.